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Presently one neutered cat lives in my cattery.
Delilah was spayed in June 2004 after four litters. She is the great-grandmum of Zsa Zsa,

a Seal Tortie Mitted female, nicknamed Diva.


Carpe Diem Cowboy Jim, Blue Bicolour, born March 18th,1996


Jimmy is a neuter in Blue Bicolour, my favourite variety.
He was born in Queenie´s second and last litter and was never meant for breeding. Jimmy has the nice eye-colour of his mum Queenie. He is very affectionate and regularly demands attention to be cuddled. Since late 2001 he lives in Hungary most of the time.  

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Carpe Diem Delilah Dasmaya, Seal Colourpoint, born February 24th,1998


Delilah was the long-hoped-for girl. Although Seal Colourpoint is not really my favourite variety, Delilah has a several traits I wanted to use in my breeding programme. Before she had her first babies she had a very clear body. Her eye-colour is very good.
Delilah had 4 litters and was spayed in summ
er 2004.

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Carpe Diem Pawing Paris, Red Bicolour, born March 8th, 2004


Paris is a Red Bicolour male. He is a son of Shari ("Villaroyal Shalimar") and was one of 6 boys (and one girl) in her second litter. This was the first red litter of my cattery.
Paris is special to me - first of all because of his colour which still is not very common among Ragdolls. Secondly because of his temperament and special character.

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Sunrisedolls Cassias Christmas Star, Blue Bicolour, born December 19th, 2004


Cassias is a Blue Bicolour boy. He was born in a relatively new cattery, the Sunrisedolls of Bianca Weisl in Salzburg.
After few days he got a nickname - Chilly.
Coz he just loves to chill out....

He has already conquered our hearts and we so much hoped for some kittens with his nice personality. Unfortunately he never gave us any kittens.

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Carpe Diem Roxanne Rolex, Seal Lynx Mitted, born September 17th, 2004


Roxanne is a daughter of the Blue Lynx Mitted Kylie (see above). Apart from a spot on one hind leg she is well marked. Till now she has grown well and looks really promising.
Right from the start Roxanne and her litter mates were very affectionate.
With Roxanne´s mother Kylie I came closer to what I consider a good Ragdoll type. With Roxanne I think, I made another step in this direction. I am especially fond of her beautiful and clear tabby markings. Obviously there is little difference to the zebra pattern... :-))))))
Unfortunately I had to neuer her in October 2006.

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Carpe Diem Shakira, Blue Colourpoint, born June 6th, 2005


Shakira is a daughter of Ornella and the Seal Colourpoint male Krickelin´s Tango, bred by a well-know Swedish breeder. She is the third generation born in my cattery.
She sometimes looks just like her mum, sometimes just like her dad.
Shakira does not have the ideal Ragdoll temperament. Therefore I decided not to use her in my breeding programme.

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Carpe Diem Waikiki Aloha, Blue Tortie Colourpoint, born April  8th, 2007


Waikiki is a daughter of Ornella. She is a Blue
Tortie, but shows little Cream.
She has always been a big kitten and she grew
into a big female.
Waikiki had her first litter in summer 2008 and
I was very pleased with these kittens.
Waikiki should have another litter in spring 2010.
What I considered a pregnancy finally turned out to be a massive pyometra.

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