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On this page I would like to present you my breeding cats. After breeding for so many years, you
will find several breeders with the cattery prefix "Carpe Diem" - now it is "Carpe Diem Diva". If you are interested to learn more about the breeding cats I formerly used in my breeding programme, go to "Former Breeders" and "Neuters".


Carpe Diem Diva Hakuna Matata, Lilac Lynx Mitted, born July 10th, 2013


I planned (and hoped) ato keep a Lilac boy from one of my litterd. Hakuna is lilac, he is also Lynx, his markings are good and he has a very nice eye-colour.
Apart from that I like his broad head and his expression.
He is a big cuddler and now, in spring 2015, I got his first babies.
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Kitten Page of Hakuna


Carpe Diem Destiny´s DNA-Child, Seal Torbie Mitted, born April 15th, 2011


It took me 7 years to finally get a torbie kitten in a litter. A torbie is a female cat combining the tortie pattern with the tabby or lynx pattern.

Destiny was a cute kitten and she grew into a very pretty female with a wonderful eye-colour. One of her ears is red, she has a small red triangle in her face and some spots on her legs. All in all a lovely package!

Destiny also is a very good mum.
Unfortunately she did not inherit the Chocolate gene of her father. But nobody is perfect....
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Kitten Page of Destiny


Carpe Diem Diva Je t'adore Juno, Blue Tortie Mitted, born April  23rd, 2014


Juno is a daughter of Destiny and a Blue Bicolour male from a Finnish cattery (FIN* Starring Nike).

She is a tortie like her mum, so she combines the colours blue and cream. She has a medium eye-colour, but is stronger built than her mum. She has perfekt mitted markings and inherited the Chocolate gene of her father.

I intend to mate her to Hakuna and hope to get blue and lilac kittens, but I may also get torties and cream boys.

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Kitten page of Juno

Carpe Diem Diva Kleopatra, Blue Solid Mitted, born May 25th, 2014


This is my third litter with Solid Ragdolls. I was not so lucky before, but am really happy with Kleopatra and her 4 siblings. Kleopatra is a carrier of the Chocolate gene. I intend to mate her to my Lilac boy Hakuna. So there may be the chance of getting a Lilac Solid.

Kleopatra is perfectly marked, has the tiniest flame between her eyes and is well built.
She loves to cuddle and enjoy a good and long belly rub.

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Kitten Page of Kleopatra

Carpe Diem Diva Little Lalita, Blue Lynx Mitted, born June 6th, 2014


Lalita is from a litter by the Lilac Lynx Colourpoint Evolet and FIN*Starring Nike. She was such a cute kitten.

Now she is a beautiful young female. I like her type, her eyes, her coat, her markings.
Like her grandma "Little Lottie" she took over the role of the receptionist in our house.

As her mum Evolet is a Lilac, also Lalita is a Chocolate carrier.
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Kitten Page of Lalita


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