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Price Of A Ragdoll Baby and General Information





I am a member of ÖVEK, an Austrian Club for Cat Breeders affiliated to FIFe and a member of Ragdoll Club
"The IG Ragdoll". Breeders have to observe the statutes and articles of these clubs, otherwise they are fined or in case of repeated infringement of their rules, expelled from the club(s).
Occasionally pet buyers would not mind getting their Ragdoll without a pedigree or think that they don´t need one as they never intend to breed. I usually tell them that a pedigree is a kind of certificate issued by the club to confirm that the respective breeder observes the rules and regulations of the club.

Preconditions for Breeding

Therefore I have to observe the following:

Dam and sire must be registered (have a pedigree),
must be assessed by judge with "Excellent" -
only then the breeder has the allowance to breed with this cat;
female cats must be 12 months + when mated for the first time;
it is recommended to let females have approx. one litter a year
(there are exact regulations concerning this issue);
kittens must be vaccinated twice against flu and panleukopenia
before they leave the cattery.

Important Information About My Babies

Kittens must not leave the cattery before 12 weeks of age.
Around 3 months they are old enough to leave their mum and their siblings and to
settle into their new home.
More about that:  "The First Year of Their Life"

When my kittens leave my cattery they are:

vaccinated twice against flu and panleukopenia,
Leukemia tested,
A health certificate was issued.
Kittens are at least 12 weeks old ( = 12 x 7 days),
quite often they are older, as the first vaccination is given in their 9th week and the second vaccination should be given approx. 3 to 3 1/2 weeks later.
My cats and kittens are FeLV and FIV negative.



Ragdoll kittens not meant for breeding or showing are called pet quality kittens.
Pet quality kittens cost 750,-- Euro.

These are fixed prices and therefore no subject to negotiations.

A kitten is reserved after a deposit of Euro 200,--


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