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Before buying a Ragdolls you should consider the following:

For the next 10 to 15 years you take over responsibility for your catīs health and well-being. This does not only include changes in every-day life, but also in your appartment or house, vet bills etc.

Do you know who will take care of your cat when you go on holidays, for short trips or have to go to hospital? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered.....

Sometimes it is better to acquire an adult cat and not a kitten. Sometimes breeders have to find new homes for their retired breeding cats. Probably your adult cat will need some more time to settle in, but you get a cat that already knows what is allowed and what is not (hopefully). At least you donīt need to feed an adult cat 5 to 6 times a day....


What Your New Cat Needs

There are quite a number of things you need before you take your new kitten or adult cat home:

A litter box,
a food and a water bowl,
a transport kennel,
combs, brushes, toys, etc.

You should also consider some changes in your appartment like removing dangerous plants or small objects. All cats, also Ragdolls, need a scratching post to prevent them from scratching on your furniture. If you have an appartment you should secure at least one window with a fly net, so that you can open the window and donīt have to fear that your cat might fall or jump down from the window-will. You can also secure your balcony with a cat-net (available in pet stores). Should you have a house and a garden you can either make your garden cat-safe with a special fence or build an open-air enclosure. Some train their cats to accept a leash. But donīt forget that itīs the cat who decides which direction you go... (donīt forget the regular vaccinations!)

Sources Of Danger

Before your kitty moves in, go around the appartment or house and watch out for possible sources of danger. Imagine you had an infant in your home - what would be dangerous for her or him?
Secure your windows, close away cleaning agents, all kinds of chemicals or drugs. If you want one room in your home to be taboo for your cat, then right from the start - never allow her or him in. Some kittens managed to swallow needles, got burnt on irons, hot plates, suffocated in plastic bags, climbed into washing machines, driers, - and died when the machines were turned on. Some fell into a full bathtub or even a toilet and drowned.
There are a number of plants that contain dangerous substances. If your kitten or cats chews on these plants they might suffer from mild problems like diarrhea to severe signs of poising or may even die. (Dangerous plants are listed in a number of books about cat care; also check Internet).          

Grooming Your Ragdoll

are semilonghair cats and need less grooming than longhaired cats. But some grooming is necessary, especially in late winter and early spring, when they lose their winter coat. There is a second change of coat at the end of summer, but it requires less care. Make your kitten get used to combing and brushing, even if you consider it not necessary. Some kittens and even young adults have a shorter coat, but as they grow older, their coats get longer and denser. Every cat, also a Ragdoll, sheds hair, even the short-haired. If you canīt accept the natural shedding of your Ragdoll, you should refrain from acquiring one. The coat of a Ragdoll is silky, therefore the tendency to mat is low. But a Ragdoll with a long and dense coat that is not sufficiently groomed will also produce knots in its coat. It is wrong to say that the coat of a Ragdoll never mats.

Ragdolls And Other Pets

A young Ragdoll usually settles into his/ her new home without any problems and soon  accepts the other pets that already live there.
Older Ragdolls will take some more time. Quite a lot of cat breeders also have dogs, so the cats are used to dogs as well. Small   pets like guinea-pigs, mice or hamster have the size and behaviour of catsī natural prey, so probably it would be better to separate them. If you decide to make them accustomed to each other, you should be present when the animals have contact and observe them well.

Ragdolls And Children

Ragdolls and children
usally make friends soon after the arrival of the cat in the new home. Nevertheless it is important to inform a child about the needs and behaviour of the cat. If children are older than 3 years, it is possible to explain them how a cat should be treated. Smaller children need close observation. If you have children and a busy household it is good idea to get a Ragdoll from a breeder who also has children.

Cat Behaviour

Do you think that animals canīt talk? You are wrong. They do talk - but you must understand their body language. There are a lot of really good books available which inform you about the behaviour of your cat(s). These books - not all of them are expensive - are really worth reading.
 Basically you have to understand that there is a good reason for every behaviour of your cat. Cats are not vicious or evil. What you consider bad behaviour usally is a signal to you that there is something in the environment of the cats that he/she canīt accept. This applies to litter box problems as well as aggessive behaviour etc.
The most stupid thing you can do is kicking or slapping your pet. The problem will surely get worse!!

Absence Of Cat Owner

Do you know who will care for your kitten or cat when you are on holidays, on a business trip, in hospital etc? Ask a family member, a friend or a neighbour to care for your cat while you are away. There are cat sitter services in bigger towns and if you canīt find someone to come to your house, then you can consider bringing your cat to a boarding house. Before you leave your cat there for some time, you should make sure that your cat is vaccinated and the cats in this boarding house are well cared-for.
But your Ragdoll will prefer to stay at home. Two or more cats wonīt be affected by the absence of their owner as much as a single cat.


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