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On this page I would to present you the breeding cats I once used in my breeding programme.
In the meantime all of them are spayed and live a comfortable life.

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McKenzie´s Geronimo, Seal Mitted, born April 7th, 1996


After my first three litters it was clear that further breeding would be very difficult with a male of my own. Some of the breeding males which would have been suitable for my females lived some several 100 kms away.
Trying to find the suitable male for my girls turned out to be quite difficult. After much time I finally found him in North Germany - to be exact, Hamburg. Geronimo had the cute blaze I love so much. His temperament is outstanding as is his size.
Two of his daughters, Delilah and Fila, had several litters.
(see "Neuters" and "Former Breeders")

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Ragamews Princess Allura, Blue Mitted, born February 11th, 1997


When I started to breed Ragdolls, breeders usually differentiated between two types - the Ragdoll of the English and of the American type. Queenie, my first breeder, was a Ragdoll of 100 % English type. Points are very dark, eye-colour is fantastic, body 
contrast is good. Ragdolls of the American type were usually larger. After aquiring and having one litter with a Ragdoll of purely American type, I decided to concentrate on the English type again. Daisy (Princess Allura) has some American ancestors in her pedigree, but her outward appearance is pure English. I still favour this type, although it´s increasingly difficult to tell which is a Ragdoll of only English or only American type.

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Carpe Diem Fila Volcano, Seal Mitted, born April 29th, 1999


Fila is a Seal Mitted female, like her mum she has wonderful blue eyes, the English type I love so much and a nice coat with good contrast to the points. She has a lovely temperament, Fila likes everybody and everybody likes her. Unfortunately she is slightly mismarked and does not have the size I would like in a Ragdoll female.

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Aveleigh Abacusjack, Blue Lynx Mitted, born April 11th, 1999


Other breeds like Persians, Birmans etc. already had Tabbypoints for some time. When this new variety was introduced into the Ragdoll, there was quite an uproar in the Ragdoll Cat Fancy.
Ragdoll breeders also decided to call them Lynxpoints instead of Tabbypoints, but nevertheless, it is the same.
I have always liked the Tabbies, so when they became available, I turned to Great Britain to find one. And in fact I found Abacusjack in summer ´99 in a British cattery near London.
I still have his daughter Kylie.

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Villaroyal Shalimar ("Shari"), Red Bicolour, geb. 1. Juli 2001


After aquiring a Lynxpoint I decided to search for a Tortiepoint or a Redpoint to introduce the Tortiepoints and Redpoints. Villaroyal Shalimar, we used to call her Shari, was born in an American cattery and came to Austria when she was 4 months old. She is very affecionate and self-confident. The Red - in fact it´s a touch of Orange - develops very slowly. The body of the Red- and Creampoints is nearly white and nicely contrasts with the blue eyes. I like this colour a lot and it seems that more and more people are fond of it as well.
Shari is well-sized, her initially greyish-blue eye colour turned into a bright Blue. Her first and her second litter comprised 7 babies. I kept a Blue Tortie Bicolour (see Carpe Diem Magic Moesha) of her first litter and a Red Bicolour boy of her second litter (see Carpe Diem Pawing Paris).

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Carpe Diem Kylie Mabrouk, Blue Lynx Mitted, born March 31st, 2002


Kylie is a Blue Lynx Mitted female kitten with an hour glass blaze. She was born on Easter Sunday, March 31st, 2002.
Kylie is a good-sized female, she weighs around 5.5 kg and already had two litters.
Most of her kittens are of good sitze and there is another trait she passes on to her offsping: Kylie has exceptionally big eyes. This effect is 
enhanced by the white rim around her eyes, 
which is typical for the Lynxpoint  (or tabby) 

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Carpe Diem Magic Moesha, Blue Tortie Bicolour, born October 24th, 2002

Moesha is a Blue Tortie Bicolour - a rare variety among Ragdolls.
One ear is cream, one is blue, her "V" is regular and just the right size. On the outer rims of her eyes there are two blue spots - as if the Goddess of Cats had painted a permanent make-up.....

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Kiwimagic Queen of Hearts, Lilac Lynx Colourpoint, geb. 13. Februar 2006


And suddenly she was there....
Kiwimagic Queen of Hearts in the rare
colour Lilac Lynx was meant for the 
Cattery Sunrisedolls (www.sunrisedolls.at).
But when I saw her at the Sunrisedolls Cattery I immediately fell in love with her.
So finally, early October 2006, she moved to us. Our initial plans were to mate her to another Lilac Lynx, but my Cream boy was faster and we had a litter of 7 kittens.
I kept two of her daughters.

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