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On this page I would to present you the breeding cats I once used in my breeding programme.
In the meantime all of them are spayed and live a comfortable life.

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Banderas de Perseigne, Seal Mitted, born June 21st, 2006


I imported Banderas in 2006 from a small French cattery. I was very interested in his pedigree and waited for quite some time to get this boy. Unfortunately he was not happy with being a whole male. So I decided to  have a number of litters of him and have him spayed afterwards. He was dad of my 3 litters in 2008 - and I was very pleased with those litters. His kittens have good size, very nice eye-colour and they are all very affectionate.

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Carpe Diem Ornella Cutie, Blue Mitted, born September 8th, 2003


Ornella is a daughter of my female Carpe Diem Delilah 
Dasmaya and of Harlequindolls Marlon. I especially loved the deep
pigmentation of her points and her
good contrast on the body.
She gave me 3 wonderful litters, she got and raised these litters without problems.

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Carpe Diem Venus In Blue Genes, Blue Tortie Mitted, born December 21st, 2006


Venus is a daughter of my Cream Mitted Carpe Diem Teach
Me Tiger and the Lilac Lynx Colourpoint Kiwimagic
Queen of Hearts.
The special Tortie markings are so attractive (Venus right,
to the left her sister Victoria), her eye-colour is so nice,
but she still displays some of the unwanted features of her
mother, which she partly passed on to her kids.
After one litter she went with a kitten to a new pet home.

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Carpe Diem Waikiki Aloha, Blue Tortie Colourpoint, born April  8th, 2007


Waikiki is a daughter of Ornella. She is a Blue
Tortie, but shows little Cream.
She has always been a big kitten and she grew
into a big female.
Waikiki had her first litter in summer 2008 and
I was very pleased with these kittens.
Waikiki should have another litter in spring 2010.
What I considered a pregnancy finally turned out to be a massive pyometra.

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S*Abayomis Quixote of Carpe Diem, Seal Lynx Bicolour, born February 21st, 2009



Quixote was born in the Swedish Cattery S*Abayomis, spezialising on Chocolate and Lilac.
Quixote is a Chocolate carrier and furthermore he is a True Bicolour.
Being a Lynxpoint, I loved his lynxpoint babies - and he gave me several. He also has an exceptionally good eye-colour - you can see that on the photo.
What you can´t see on the photo is his nice temperament.
Maud from Abayomis was really doing a great job!!!

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Carpe Diem Ximena, Blue Bicolour, born April 27th, 2008


Ximena is a daughter of Banderas de Perseigne and Carpe Diem Viva Victoria.
I had to get to the X-litter to finally have a female Blue Bicolour among the kittens.
But she is worth the wait:
She is perfectly marked, she is good-sized, and she is soooo cute.

I kept a beautiful Seal Lynx Bicolour, Carmen, from her second litter. Now she is retired and enjoys life as a neuter.
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Carpe Diem Zsa Zsa Zanahoria, Seal Tortie Mitted, born July 11th, 2008



Zsa Zsa is a daughter of Waikiki, the only girl in that litter and she definitely out-smarted her 4 brothers.
Her Tortie markings looks like an hourglass blaze, but actually what looks whitish now will become reddish in course of time.
Like her half-sister Ximena she is a passionate eater and very affectionate.
Just look into those eyes and you know that she got the "umphhhh".....

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S*Abayomis Marcos, Lilac Colourpoint, born November 16th, 2008


Marcos originates from the same cattery like my former boy Quixote ("Wickie"). Both males came to Austria in the same plan, Quixote/ Wickie went to the Carpe Diem Cattery, Marcos to the Ruby Chantall Cattery.
Marcos has now moved into my place and will hopefully give me a litter in spring / summer 2012.
Marcos is a good sized male with a very masculine head. He just loves to sit on your lap!! He is like big, floppy baby who has forgotten that he has grown into an adult Ragdoll!

Now he is neutered and lives in Vienna.
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RagGorgeous Little Lottie, Lilac Lynx Mitted, born April 21st, 2010




Being able to present you my new Lilac girl is mere chance. I have tried to breed my own Lilac kitten, have deposited my wish with some breeders, to no avail. And then I accidentally found the website of Caroline and saw her - my Little Lottie. But she was spoken for already and so it seemed that I was late again. But suddenly she was available and then she was mine!!!
After bringing home Quixote (Wickie) last year, Lottie is my second kitten from Sweden.
And I am happy I was able to get this little lady from the small cattery of Caroline where she obviously grew up in a loving and caring ambience. She is a curious kitten, easily bonding with everyone - be it a a four-legged or a two-legged creature, she eats and plays and purrs and grows.

And she is a very pretty young lady.....
That´s all I was looking for and even a bit more.
Lottie already gave me a wonderful litter with two Choc boys and a Lilac girl. After her second litter in 2012 she was neutered.

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Carpe Diem Carmen en Chocolate, Seal Lynx Bicolour, born September 9th, 2010


Carmen is a daughter of Ximena (Princess!!) and Quixote / Wickie.
She is a Mid High White Bicolour, but shows her higher amount of White only on her back.
She has a very cute expression, wonderful blue eyes, a silky coat, and a fluffy tail - additionally to all that she has a symmetric V. All in all a combination I could not resist.
I hoped to mate her to Marcos in spring 2012. As she carries the Chocolate gene, I hoped to get Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac kittens.
But unfortunately Carmer never had babies..
Apart from the wide range of colours and varieties I hoped for in her babies, she has an extraordinary eye colour.

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