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For more than 10 years of keeping and breeding Ragdolls, I did not lose any of my adults.
 In March 2007 the cute Tortie girl named Loca did after a viral infection, then I lost a Seal Bicolour boy,
Quentin, bred by a dear breeder friend of mine. I could not even give her an explanation for his death.
Neither I nor the doctor had one.
After 16 years I finally lost my very first Ragdoll, Queenie, the beautiful Seal Bicolour.
And finally in January 2010 my Blue Tortie Mitted Victoria disappeared.
She escaped from the house and never came back.
I hoped and I wished, I tried to force myself to stay calm and to wait.
But in the meantime I have to understand that she is gone and will never come back.


Carpe Diem Una Loca,  Blue Tortie Mitted,  September 11th, 2006 -  March 17th, 2007

Loca is a daughter of Ornealla and Tiger. The markings in her face are very cute, breeders call it "splitface".
She was a real cutie and I lost her at the age of 6 months due to a viral infection. 


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Sunrisedolls Querido Quentin,  Seal Bicolour, August 14th 2008 - March 6th, 2009


Sunrisedolls Quentin was bred by Bianca Weisl in Salzburg. I loved his daddy, he was gorgeous and 
fathered one outstanding litter after the other.
His mum was a huge Seal Mitted female.
Quentin comes from a litter of 9 kittens!!!!
 I lost him after 7 months and I am still not quite sure
what the reasons of his sudden death was.
No matter what it was, I lost him and I still feel that I miss
him; his cute face, his lovely personality, everything....

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Queenie de Cyanara, Seal Bicolour, March 27th 1993 - July 25th, 2009


Queenie was my first Ragdoll. I fell in love with the Bicolours and I simply had to have one, even if that meant travelling to Geneva in Switzerland.Queenie is perfectly marked, her deep blue eyes are unique - a colour that is nearly unbelievable. She had only two litters, then I had to neuter her for medical reasons.
I showed her frequently and she was my ambassador for the breed. Queenie was my first Ragdoll and she will always be my Number 1.

Late July 2009, after 16 years of living with us, time has come for her to go. And she took a piece of my heart with her.

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Carpe Diem Viva Victoria, Blue Tortie Mitted, born December 21st, 2006 - Winter 2010



Victoria is a Blue Tortie Mitted and shows a wild mixture of patches in Blue and Cream not only in her face, but also
on her ears, legs and tail.
She is so special to me as she was born as an exceptionally small baby and for weeks we were afraid to lose her. But she is fighter, she survived and grew into
a lovely female.
Due to the problems in her early months, it took me a long time to decide whether to use her in my breeding programme or not. I finally did it. And she surprised me with 5 stunning babies; I kept a daughter of Victoria, the Blue Bicolour Ximena.
In January 2010 something happened that we all are afraid of. She escaped through an open door or window and  she did not come back. After all those months I have to face the fact that she will never come back....


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