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Next Shows Carpe Diem Ragdolls will attend:

Saturday, March 15th, 2008, in Ried (see www.oevek.at)

Update November 27th,  2005

Breeders - new photos of Moesha, Delilah, Ornella and Roxanne
Added: Shakria and Teach Me Tiger

Update July 5th, 2005

Babies - new photos of S-Babies
 Breeders - new photos of Sunrisedolls Cassias Christmas Star,
Carpe Diem Magic Moesha, Carpe Diem Ornella Cutie & Carpe Diem Roxanne Rolex
 Neuters - new photos of  Carpe Diem Pawing Paris and of Carpe Diem Delilah Dasmaya
Former Breeding Cats - new photos of Carpe Diem Kylie Mabrouk

Show Results

Carpe Diem Ragdolls sometimes attend shows.
On May 7th, 2005, the "German Cat Open"and a
"Ragdoll Special" took place in Nürnberg.
These are the results of this day:

 Carpe Diem Roxanne Rolex

 CSunrisedolls Cassias Christmas Star

The Seal Lynx Mitted female 
Carpe Diem Roxanne Rolex
was nominated for "Best in Show" and for the "Ragdoll Special".

The Blue Bicolour boy
Sunrisedolls Cassias Christmas Star
was "Best Semi- Longhair Kitten 3 - 6 mon",
was chosen as "Best Blue Bicolour"  and
nominated for the "Ragdoll Special".


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